What Is Ground Handling?

May 20, 2022

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Think back to the last time you traveled by plane. You and your family likely went through a familiar routine; you packed all of your clothes and other necessities, drove or caught a ride-share to the airport, approached the check-in kiosk or counter, checked your bags, passed through security, and maybe even caught a quick ride on a cart through the terminal to your gate. 


This all seems relatively straightforward—but without the exhaustive and incessant work carried out by your airport’s ground handling team, none of it would be possible. While some of the value that ground handling staff provide is obvious—we’ve all enjoyed watching our suitcases be loaded into the cargo hold by employees in brightly-colored vests—much of it happens out of sight from passengers. It’s for this reason that having an efficient and consistent ground handling team is so essential to the traveling experience. 


Among many other things, ground handling crews are responsible for fueling up the plane, cleaning and disinfecting the interior between flights, restocking any catering needs, and of course, loading up baggage. In other words, everything required while the plane is on the ground!



However, what many don’t realize is that all of these things have to happen extremely quickly—airports operate on a very tight schedule, but quality cannot be sacrificed. When you consider the fact that planes also regularly need exterior washes and maintenance or repairs, it’s a wonder that flights are ever on time at all! Fortunately, most of our ground handling partners throughout the Caribbean and Latin America know they can rely on our extended family of employees to keep things moving. 


For decades, some of the largest and most busy international airports and airlines have relied on GCG Group to satisfy their ground handling needs. Our reputation is so strong that we continue to add new offices and partners constantly—like our recent opening at Palmerola International Airport in Comayagua, Honduras! 


If your airline is in need of a highly-trained, enthusiastic—and most of all, effective—ground handling team, then we encourage you to contact us today to learn more.