What Is Aviation Security?

July 13, 2022

Aviationsecurity 2

Aside from sometimes viewing it with a bit of annoyance, many of us take the crucial work that aviation security professionals perform on a daily basis. This division of airline services does far more than scan your baggage or wave a magnetic wand across your body. By definition, aviation security works to prevent acts of unlawful interference with your flying experience—particularly when it comes to keeping firearms and explosives away from you and your family as they travel. 


This goes beyond planned acts of terrorism or sabotage. In fact, may times aviation security must act in more common—though still potentially threatening—instances; for example, when a passenger is over served on alcohol or is unruly for any reason. 


For this reason, aviation security must encompass those inspecting checked bags, officers throughout airports, and requires close coordination between TSA and federal air marshals. 



Even accidental incidents require careful and expert handling, like if someone makes a poorly-considered joke about violence on or near a plane. Over the past couple of decades, aviation security has received a lot more attention and scrutiny both from governments and the general public. Over this same time, a number of new challenges have also presented themselves. Airports can be considered mini-cities with their own cultures and infrastructures. Like cities, various issues can present themselves in the form of homelessness, drug abuse, petty crime, and civil disobedience. The fortunate thing is, most of us passing through airports every day are completely unaware of any of these potential issues. 


It may come as a surprise that aviation security is the responsibility of the airlines, rather than the airport itself. Though they must abide by FAA and other international regulations, air carriers are charged with finding the best ways to ensure passenger and luggage safety when entering and exiting their planes. That’s why having a trusted partner like GCG is essential. Our aviation security division can be found at various stations throughout the Caribbean and Latin America—and passengers and our airline partners alike can rest assured they’re being looked after by some of the best in the business. We bring the same business culture and expectations of safety and excellence to these members of our family as we do our Catering and Ground Handling divisions. 


To learn more about our aviation security branches, and all we do to ensure passenger safety, contact your nearest GCG Group office today!