GCG Group St. Thomas Hosts Flu Vaccination Event

March 12, 2018


GCG Group St. Thomas’s Health and Safety Committee Coordinated a Flu Vaccination Day at Cyril E. King Airport on Friday, February 9, 2017.

Regional Manager Mr. Pedro Corbin was able to attend this initiative while visiting the station. The Management Representative and Safety Coordinator Mr. Kerry Rhymer was on hand to ensure that customers and airport neighbors were able to take advantage of the vaccination. Mr. Rhymer got in contact with members of the Health Department to provide the free service.

The team of four from the Virgin Islands Department of Health came stocked with literature, vaccines and plenty of band-aids. Individuals who received vaccination were given a t-shirt stating "Keep Calm, I'm Vaccinated." The initiative was well received as many individuals were able to get their flu, tetanus, and pneumonia vaccinations at gate 9. Participants were treated to fruits and yogurt provided GCG Catering St. Thomas.

Safety Coordinator with Virgin Island Department of Health Employees ​ ​ ​ ​ ​