GCG Catering Paraguay Live Culinary Demonstration

June 16, 2022


Continuing our year-long celebration of the unique culinary history and culture found throughout each of our international locations, the GCG Catering Paraguay team live-streamed a brilliant cooking demonstration this past May. Sous chef David Sanabria and gastronomic supervisor Ramón Torres whipped up a total of seven incredible delicacies while educating viewers as to their proper preparation and the history behind each.



The first course comprised of pastel mandi’ó, a traditional Paraguayan snack similar to an empanada. This was followed by the pancake-like flour cake Mbejú which was fortified with cheese. Next came the traditional Paraguayan chicken soup, Vori Vori de gallina casera, as well as Cazuela de Surubí and their version of the incredibly robust dish Asado o la olla con Mandi’ó Chyryry - which makes use of eggs, potatoes, onions, and more!




Finally, the rich porridge dish of Mazamora con leche and the popular peanut and molasses dessert Ka’í Ladrillo were created to round out the presentation. The foods were so fresh that some claimed they could smell them through their screens! Fortunately for those watching from home, full instructional materials were emailed out after the lesson so those watching could try each one for themselves. 


The entire GCG Catering Paraguay team would like to extend their thanks to those who participated, and deserve a special acknowledgement for helping to put on one of the best presentations so far this year!