GCG Catering Cooking Up Delicious Cooking Classes All Year!

March 29, 2022

Columbia chef

The GCG Catering crew is the best in the business—and while all of our clients know this, sometimes it’s fun to prove it to ourselves as well. That’s why, throughout 2022, each GCG Catering location throughout the Caribbean and Latin America will be hosting a live cooking workshop! Each month of the year will feature a different location’s Head Chef and/or Sous-chef as they prepare a delectable meal for the benefit of their fellow employees throughout the world. The title of the series is, appropriately, “Living Unique Experiences!”


First up was the talented crew from GCG Catering Honduras. On January 25th, Sous-chef Karla López and Head Chef Marvin Montes whipped up several traditional Honduran dishes, including Pescado Frito, Pollo Chuco, and Carne Asada, with delicious sides of Tajadas de Platano, Frijol Fritos, and Queso Crema. Finally, they finished off with Arroz con Leche and Torrejas en Miel! Throughout the filming, the two shared tips for creating the meals and some of their cultural customs.


Following up in February was the talented duo of Sous-chef Alex Salgado and Head Chef Andrés Merchán of GCG Catering Bogota. The two gastronomic professionals put on a show as they featured traditional Colombian cuisine starting with Carimañoles con Suero Costeño, and featuring other entrees like Pasta Cartegenera con Arroz Coco, Bandeja Paisa, and Ajiaco, before ending with Merengón and Chicharrones de Cuajada.


As the year goes on, other locations including Ecuador, Uruguay, Paraguay, El Salvador, and more will offer up their talented teams to conduct classes of their own for every GCG Group employee to learn how to make a variety of meals, as well as gain a new appreciation for the various cultures that comprise our extended family. There’s simply no better group of gastronomic professionals anywhere—and we’re excited to continue to prove it!


Stay tuned for more coverage throughout the year