Benefit Event

February 20, 2018

Caribbean strong event

With the passage of Hurricane Irma & Maria and the devastation left in their path, a group of concerned persons organized a benefit concert to help in the aid process. The concert had no shortage of regional and local performers. GCG Events Antigua was approached to partner in this venture and was asked to fully manage a VIP section for the event. The request came one (1) week before the date of the concert, but given the importance, we jumped on board. We worked tirelessly towards the execution of the event organizing venue, security, décor, bars and of course the food. From all indications, the patrons were wowed, but most importantly, the concert was a success and a substantial amount of money was raised towards the relief effort. GCG Antigua is proud to have been involved with this event and would like to thank all our staff for going above and beyond to make it a success.