An Brief Look at Commercial Airline Catering

September 15, 2022

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Airline catering is a huge industry, worth over $6 billion in the U.S. alone! Airline catering companies like GCG Group must source hundreds of snacks and meals for hundreds of flights every day, which can add up to literal tons of food. As might be expected, there are a lot of logistics required to make this happen smoothly.


When it comes to commercial airline catering, each airline has their own team of culinary professionals who are in charge of selecting the food and beverages they’d like to offer on their flights. Throughout the Caribbean and Latin America, that team happens to be GCG Group!


While menus tend to be rather small, they often make use of several options and combinations that are cycled through depending upon a variety of factors. For example: the location a flight leaves from and arrives to, the time of year, and even supply-chain issues. These expert culinary teams are always accepting feedback from flight attendants on what their passengers like and don’t like, and monitoring food trends to ensure their menus are popular with customers and fit their various dietary needs.


While snacks or meals in coach may not seem as desirable, they are often quite satisfying thanks to the time and effort dedicated by these teams. First-class and business-class passengers on the other hand often receive even larger, fancier meals and are presented with more choices of food and beverage options.


The meals themselves are usually prepared at a GCG Catering facility located at one of our locations close to or onsite at the airport before being transported to the aircraft in the small-time window that it sits at the gate. You probably recognize our lifted GCG Group catering trucks from flights you’ve taken in the past!


There is obviously far more that takes place behind the scenes in order to deliver the snacks, meals, and beverages passengers enjoy on their flights—which is why having a trustworthy and experienced partner is crucial. If your airline is experiencing any issues with commercial airline catering, call us to learn how we can help, today!