A Caribbean Tourism Boom Is Coming in 2022

May 20, 2022

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Throughout the Caribbean and Latin America, the tourism industry is beginning to show signs of a healthy recovery in the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Although the total figures may not have quite reached the lofty levels of the years prior to 2019, more and more international travelers are finding their way to paradise. 


In a region heavily dependent upon the tourism industry, this wave of renewed interest is a welcome change. GCG Group was not immune to the trying times of the past 24 months, yet our family stands united and as ready as ever to aid our clients in serving their traveling customers and providing them a Simply Excellent experience. 



Indicators of change can be found everywhere. In Bermuda for example, where air travel is still 44% under the heyday of 2019, Q1’s recently released figures by the Bermuda Tourism Authority show a 112% jump in comparison to 2021. In addition, spending by air visitors was up 91.5% over the previous year's period, coming in at $21.6 million. 


In fact, 2022’s pace has even outshone 2019’s in one key aspect—with average length of stay landing over 6.5 days; 21.7% longer than the pre-pandemic era. 



Though the first quarter of 2022 has proven promising, the future may be even brighter. Recent statements by both the World Travel & Tourism Council and the Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association acknowledge strong demand in the months ahead for global inbound travel to “sun and sea” destinations—with the Caribbean and Latin America leading the way. 


Jamaica in particular has become a sought after destination among discerning US travelers. The island ranks at the top for summer bookings according to Jamaica’s Minister of Tourism. The projections would result in the nation’s best summer ever in the aftermath of the pandemic. This would ultimately mean an infusion of more than $1.17 billion to Jamaica’s economy.


Others have noticed the interest as well—Frontier airlines has recently announced their newest nonstop route from Miami to Kingston.


No matter what the future holds, GCG group will continue to provide the industry-leading service, security, and partnership that our tourism clients demand. Whether it be ground handling services, catering services, or even security services, our commitment to quality has never wavered; allowing you to concentrate on welcoming your international travelers with your best foot forward!