Protecting Caribbean Tourism With Science

July 13, 2022

Ever since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the tourism industry throughout the Caribbean and Latin America has been struggling to reach its previous highs. Now, more than two years later, things are picking back up. Tourists are flocking to the beautiful beaches and vibrant culture of our towns and cities, eager to take out their pent up energy and saved money from missing out on previous summers. 


It’s this renewed influx of people, travel, and all the other unseen or unmentioned aspects that come with them that makes eco-consciousness more important than ever. Though our part of the world’s natural beauty is its calling card—without protection, our businesses and economies could lose far more than they did from COVID-19. 



One of the most essential natural draws of our area are the gorgeous and thriving coral reefs. These

What Is Aviation Security?

July 13, 2022

Aside from sometimes viewing it with a bit of annoyance, many of us take the crucial work that aviation security professionals perform on a daily basis. This division of airline services does far more than scan your baggage or wave a magnetic wand across your body. By definition, aviation security works to prevent acts of unlawful interference with your flying experience—particularly when it comes to keeping firearms and explosives away from you and your family as they travel. 


This goes beyond planned acts of terrorism or sabotage. In fact, may times aviation security must act in more common—though still potentially threatening—instances; for example, when a passenger is over served on alcohol or is unruly for any reason. 


For this reason, aviation security must encompass those inspecting checked bags, officers throughout airports, and requires close coordination between TSA and federal air marshals. 

The Bold New World of Latin American Aviation

June 16, 2022

The gorgeous rising mountains and vast green stretches of untouched jungle that make up the landscape of the Caribbean and Central and South America are a significant reason tourists regularly flock to this part of the world. However, this same magical topography has also contributed to a local transportation woes. When roads and railways cannot suffice, the local aviation industry has risen to the challenge. 


Unfortunately, the landscape has proven challenging for smaller, regional operators. Most Latin American countries are home to one or two dominant companies, with American-based corporations like American Airlines and Delta picking up the rest. This has meant most regional outfits have required high costs and have been left with limited reach. However, change is coming; a rapid rise of efficient, low-cost carriers is already upon us—some born from creative financial restructuring and alliances forged with larger partners.


GCG Catering Paraguay Live Culinary Demonstration

June 16, 2022

Continuing our year-long celebration of the unique culinary history and culture found throughout each of our international locations, the GCG Catering Paraguay team live-streamed a brilliant cooking demonstration this past May. Sous chef David Sanabria and gastronomic supervisor Ramón Torres whipped up a total of seven incredible delicacies while educating viewers as to their proper preparation and the history behind each.



The first course comprised of pastel mandi’ó, a traditional Paraguayan snack similar to an empanada. This was followed by the pancake-like flour cake Mbejú which was fortified with cheese. Next came the traditional Paraguayan chicken soup, Vori Vori de gallina casera, as well as Cazuela de Surubí and their version of the incredibly robust dish Asado o la olla con Mandi’ó Chyryry - which makes use of eggs, potatoes, onions, and more!





What Is Ground Handling?

May 20, 2022

Think back to the last time you traveled by plane. You and your family likely went through a familiar routine; you packed all of your clothes and other necessities, drove or caught a ride-share to the airport, approached the check-in kiosk or counter, checked your bags, passed through security, and maybe even caught a quick ride on a cart through the terminal to your gate. 


This all seems relatively straightforward—but without the exhaustive and incessant work carried out by your airport’s ground handling team, none of it would be possible. While some of the value that ground handling staff provide is obvious—we’ve all enjoyed watching our suitcases be loaded into the cargo hold by employees in brightly-colored vests—much of it happens out of sight from passengers. It’s for this reason that having an efficient and consistent ground handling team is so essential to the traveling experience. 

A Caribbean Tourism Boom Is Coming in 2022

May 20, 2022

Throughout the Caribbean and Latin America, the tourism industry is beginning to show signs of a healthy recovery in the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Although the total figures may not have quite reached the lofty levels of the years prior to 2019, more and more international travelers are finding their way to paradise. 


In a region heavily dependent upon the tourism industry, this wave of renewed interest is a welcome change. GCG Group was not immune to the trying times of the past 24 months, yet our family stands united and as ready as ever to aid our clients in serving their traveling customers and providing them a Simply Excellent experience. 



Indicators of change can be found everywhere. In Bermuda for example, where air travel is still 44% under the heyday of 2019, Q1’s recently released figures by

Cultural Cooking Classes Continue With GCG Group Quito

April 27, 2022

Following in the footsteps of our GCG family members in Honduras and Colombia, the Quito GCG Group crew put on a spectacular live cooking workshop for their fellow staff this past March. The live-streamed demonstration is part of a company-wide initiative throughout 2022, the purpose of which is to help each station celebrate and educate regarding their culinary culture.



Sous Chef Franklin Shuguli, Santiago Salgado, and Pastry Chef Carlos Guairacaja led the lesson, gradually taking viewers through their preparation of multiple traditional and delicious Ecuadorian delicacies. The first plates consisted of Locro de Papa and Empanadas de Morocho, which use a white corn for the dough, resulting in a delightfully crispy and flaky treat. Next was the main course—a tantalizing offering of LLapingacho, Fritadas, and Seco de Pollo chicken stew. Finally, guests were shown the preparation of two desserts; Higos con Queso,

GCG Group Officially Begins Operations at Palmerola International Airport

April 26, 2022

Last December marked an exciting development for the entire GCG Group family. On the 15th of that month, GCG Ground officially began operations at Palmerola International Airport (XPL) in Comayagua, Honduras! This is a long-anticipated addition to our Central American operations, and one which will allow us to further grow both as a company and a family.


Our newest station quickly began providing passenger, ground, security, cleaning, and wheelchair services to airport patrons. Our initial partners included Copa Airlines and United Airlines.



Even more exciting however, was the addition of our partner, Aeroméxico, who began operations this past April. In addition, new electric GSE Ground Support Equipment was provided to our staff to aid them in their pursuit of excellent service.



Please commemorate this exciting moment with us by browsing the images

GCG Group Celebrates International Women’s Day

March 30, 2022

March 8th is a day of beauty. No matter where you are in the world, the most frigid parts of winter have passed, and the sweltering summer sun has yet to arrive. Perhaps it is fitting that this also marks the official celebration of International Women’s Day.


Every year, every one of our office locations throughout the Caribbean and Latin America set aside time to celebrate our female team members. Our goal is to reinforce how strong and unique they all are, and honor the fact that our company would not be as successful as it is today without their commitment and dedication.


Each location celebrates in their own way. For example, GCG Events and GCG Catering in Antigua gave a shout out across social media, sharing several photos of the women that are an integral part of the GCG Antigua family.

GCG Catering Cooking Up Delicious Cooking Classes All Year!

March 29, 2022

The GCG Catering crew is the best in the business—and while all of our clients know this, sometimes it’s fun to prove it to ourselves as well. That’s why, throughout 2022, each GCG Catering location throughout the Caribbean and Latin America will be hosting a live cooking workshop! Each month of the year will feature a different location’s Head Chef and/or Sous-chef as they prepare a delectable meal for the benefit of their fellow employees throughout the world. The title of the series is, appropriately, “Living Unique Experiences!”


First up was the talented crew from GCG Catering Honduras. On January 25th, Sous-chef Karla López and Head Chef Marvin Montes whipped up several traditional Honduran dishes, including Pescado Frito, Pollo Chuco, and Carne Asada, with delicious sides of Tajadas de Platano, Frijol Fritos, and Queso Crema. Finally, they finished off with Arroz con Leche and Torrejas en

GCG Ground Wins ISAGO Certification!

August 28, 2019

We are very proud to announce GCG Ground received the maximum certification for a Ground Handling Company called the ISAGO Certification! IATA's Safety Audit for Ground Operations has been built upon a backbone standard applicable to all ground handling companies worldwide, coupled with uniform standards relevant for the specific activities of any ground handler.


To obtain this certification, an audit process is necessary where quality processes and operational safety are evaluated. Congratulations to the entire SJO and LIR Stations team! We are committed to safety.


SJO and LIR Stations work team composed of: Alejandra Chavarria, General Manager, Marco Castillo, Quality and SMS Manager, Cesar Velez, Airport Manager, Allan Hernandez, Maintenance Manager, Alejandro Bastos, Instructor, David Arce, Auditor, Jazmin Rojas, HR Manager, Diego Quiros, Rampa LIR Supervisor, and Jonathan Villegas, Auditor.

GCG Welcomes Chef Pieter Holstein to the GCG Saint Maarten Family

November 19, 2018

Chef Pieter has extensive experience working in restaurants and catering companies in Europe in places like Belgium, The Netherlands, and France and in the Caribbean in St. Martin. Chef Pieter has a certificate in Hospitality Teaching from the Horizon Culinary Institute in The Netherlands and also has studied Business Engineering at the Hanze Hogeschool also in The Netherlands.

He also has participated as a Volunteer promoting healthy food and diet for underprivileged children in the Netherlands and Belgium, which is such a fantastic initiative we could all learn from!


Pieter started with us at GCG on October 9th as the Head Chef for our St. Martin operation. We welcome him and look forward to his contributions to GCG.
Let’s wish him a bright promising future with GCG!

The SXM Airport Horizon Features Bas Schutze's Promotion

November 09, 2018

GCG is thrilled to share this interview with the new General Manager of Goddard Catering Group Saint Maarten.


To read the full article, Click here 

GCG Ground Services Prepares to Take On New Venture In LIAT Airline Security

October 01, 2018

GCG Ground Services has been tasked with the new unique opportunity to secure the operations for LIAT Airlines. LIAT Airlines had been absent from St. Thomas for some time and chose to return with GCG Ground Services to provide security service for all operational tasks done. 

A select group of agents was assembled to attend a three-part training in which they were equipped with the knowledge they needed to get the job done. GCG Ground Services was on the ground for the landing of the first LIAT Flight to land on Cyril E. King Airport in several months.

The security detail led by Mr. Kerry Rhymer the Safety Coordinator and Jose Bultes, the Operations Manager watched keenly as excited passengers poured out of the aircraft and onto the red carpet.

GCG Ground Services remains confident and up to the challenge of ensuring the safety…

GCG Events St. Lucia Featured in the Business Focus Magazine

September 26, 2018

We proudly announce that our General Manager at Saint Lucia, Anthony Samuel, was featured in the local Business Focus Magazine.


To check out the whole article click here!

GCG Events (Jamaica) At Caribbean Wedding Industry Awards (CWIA)

September 19, 2018


GCG Events (Jamaica)  participated in Caribbean Wedding Industry Awards ( CWIA) on September 8 & 9 @ Montego Bay Conference Centre.


GCG Events partnered with Tai Flora Luxe to host an extraordinary booth featuring splendid décor and delectable menu items for brides-to-be, wedding planners, and travel agents.


The GCG team will be representing  @ KBW Expo on Sep 30th @ UWI, Mona in Kingston promoting current Wedding promotion.


GCG Events (Jamaica) is now offering up to 30% off Wedding Bookings until end of November 2018.



GCG Events Jamaica on JHTA Fundraising Event

August 30, 2018

GCG Events Jamaica, the Mobay(Montego Bay) team partnered and contributed to the Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association (JHTA)  Fund Raising Event on Saturday, August 25th, 2018 at the Rose Hall Great House lawns.


The funds raised are donated to the SOS Children Village. They presold over 500 tickets and we had approximately 400 in attendance. 

GCG Events had a station with three Soups: Red Peas Chicken Soup, Manish Water Picture, and Vegetable Sip served with Assorted Bread. 
Needless to say that Manish Water was the first one to go. Overall the soups went by 10 pm.

The food and service were excellent! Special thanks to the Mobay team for their input on events’ catering.




GCG Saint Maarten Celebrates Internal Promotion of Bas Schutze!

August 29, 2018

Executive Chef Bas Schutze has been promoted to General Manager GCG SXM, effective September 1st! He will be replacing our dear Peter Cox, who as you know, will be retiring at the end of the fiscal year, after 53 years of loyal and dedicated service.


Bas’ career experience adds up to over 16 years of experience, eight of which are in the Airline Catering Business. He started in Holland at the Hotel Tivoli and worked in a couple restaurants as well. In 2002 he relocated to Curacao and there worked at the Avila Hotel and later at the Marriot hotel, as Kitchen Supervisor. When GCG opened its doors in Curacao [2005], he joined the company as a Production Supervisor and was later promoted to Sous Chef.

In 2010, he and his family moved back home, to Holland, where he worked for 4 years…

Delly Deck Places in Top Three at Annual Chili Cook Off

August 23, 2018

GCG STT took part in the 34th Annual Chili Cook off sponsored in part by Jet Blue Airline on Sunday, August 19, 2018. The three-person team comprised of General Manager Mr. Jahmal Dyer, Executive Chef Mavis Bozel, and Sous Chef Antonio Anthony utilized a chili recipe written by General Manager Jahmal Dyer to compete with 37 other competitors. The feat was daunting as this was Delly Deck’s first time entering the competition.


The team had meticulously reviewed the competition’s rules and gathered on John Brewer’s beach to set up a tent and cooking station amid seasoned entrants. Mavis, Mr. Dyer, and Antonio then began the task of preparing award-winning chili on the beach. Jet Blue’s GCG Customer Agents were also present to support both GCG and Jet Blue in their efforts to advertise Jet Blue while engaging the crowd and handing out merchandise.