About GCG Group

GCG Group is a leading provider of airline, industrial and event catering services in the Caribbean and Latin America. The company is a member of the Goddard Enterprises Group of Companies, and oversees three divisions of its own: GCG Ground, GCG Catering and GCG Services.

GCG Ground

GCG Ground was established in 2009 to provide a full suite of ground handling services to airlines. The company operates in three locations in the Caribbean.

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GCG Catering

GCG Catering opened its first location in 2008, and has since become one of the top events caterers in the nine areas its team operates.

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GCG Services

GCG Services has been a leader in the catering industry for more than 60 years. Now with 24 locations, the company services a diverse range of industries.

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GCG Catering Paraguay Live Culinary Demonstration

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What Is Ground Handling?

Think back to the last time you traveled by plane. You and your family likely went through a familiar routine;

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